Getting Rid Of Magento ReIndexing Errors

If even after trying multiple times Magento Indexer fails to respond or keep throwing same errors you can take the following steps resolve Magento ReIndexing errors.

1. Locate var/locks directory and remove all files under this directory. This will clear all the locks for re-indexing to take place again.

2. Now, login to your MysQSL/phpMyAdmin to run the following MySQL query (Ensure that your have taken full backup before committing this MySQL que

DELETE cpop.* FROM catalog_product_option_price AS cpop
INNER JOIN catalog_product_option AS cpo
ON cpo.option_id = cpop.option_id
cpo.type = ‘checkbox’ OR
cpo.type = ‘radio’ OR
cpo.type = ‘drop_down’;

DELETE cpotp.* FROM catalog_product_option_type_price AS cpotp
INNER JOIN catalog_product_option_type_value AS cpotv
ON cpotv.option_type_id = cpotp.option_type_id
INNER JOIN catalog_product_option AS cpo
ON cpotv.option_id = cpo.option_id

*hope above will helps 🙂